Security Training

Prime Security is a specialist Manned Guarding Services Company in the India. We offer a high quality Security Guard Service that is tailor made to suit our client’s individual Manned Guarding Service requirements and budgets.

We are a successful, forward thinking company and we are always looking for staff who have what it takes to forge a well paid career with our company. We provide free uniforms, specialist training, and all employees will have access to our full range of employee benefits including paid leave and excellent career enhancement opportunities to name a few.

Our specialist training will entail:

  • Communication and Customer Service Training
  • First Aid at Training
  • Banks Man Training
  • Stop & Search Training
  • CCTV Monitoring & Intruder Detection Training
  • Physical Intervention Training
  • Crime Prevention Training
  • Unarmed Combat Training
  • Risk Management Training
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedure Training
  • Search and Interception Training

  • The Importance of Reports

    The client and security guard alike should never overlook the value of the reporting process. If the report does not answer all of those questions it is not finished, yet.

    The most common reports :

    1. Daily Action Report (DAR)

    2. Shift Report

    3. Patrol Report

    4. Patrol Log

    5. Daily Log

    All daily reports contain the following information:

    1. Security Officer’s Name

    2. Date of the Shift

    3. Time the Shift Started

    4. Time the Shift Ended

    Most daily reports are also required to add:

    1. Times of Patrols

    2. Times of Inspection of Critical Items or Areas

    3. Times of Unusual Observations or Events

    4. Summaries of Unusual Observations or Events

    5. Maintenance Problems

    6. Any Unusual Occurrence

    Some common problems to write in the daily report are:

    1. Burned Out Light Bulbs

    2. Missing Fire Extinguishers

    3. Safety Problems (Slippery Floors, Trip Hazards, etc.)

    4. Holes in Fences

    5. Insecure Doors

    6. Areas with Insufficient Lighting at Night

    7. Overgrown Landscaping that can Shield a Burglar

    8. CCTV Cameras Requiring Maintenance

    9. Fire Hazards

    10. Open Windows