Our Responsibility

Our approach to conducting responsible business is very simple. We keep it to the basics of security services, and believe in providing benefits to the whole of economy rather than an individual or a group of people. Our services responsibilities include provision of security to our customers; ranging from a local shop owner to an MNC. Promising secure premises to our customers, and in turn, our customer’s customers as well. It is a chain reaction, which eventually leads to securing not only our customers but the economy as a whole.

Control Room

Control Room Services-

Prime Security Control Room services operate 24 hours +7 days a year dealing with customers concerns, urgent security responses. We offer our services to both the private and public sector and we also act as an outsourced control room service for other monitoring companies.

Control Room Activities-

  • Call Answering Services – Answering calls on a customer’s behalf out of working hours and during holidays or if out of the office on business
  • CCTV Monitoring – Monitoring all your CCTV cameras, immediately responding to any incidents that may occur
  • Reporting – We will report crimes or incidents to law enforcement agencies
  • Guard Monitoring – Monitoring your security guards whilst on duty
  • Mobile Patrol Services – Our Mobile Patrol Service will make regular adhoc visits as requested.